Thursday, April 13, 2017

Electrical Cords

When we think about safety and electrical, we generally thing about the workplace.  But bear in mind, that safety needs to take place at home so we can go to work. Safety is not just on the job, it is in everything we do at work and at home.

A common point we see when it comes to electrical cords are cut, frayed, exposed live wires which make the workplace vulnerable to electrical fires or to electrocution. All cords should be checked regularly and replace any damaged or frayed cords immediately. 

One general tendency is to yank the cords instead of pulling from the head of the plug.  When the cord is yanked and tugged, this is when the cord becomes frayed exposing live wires. One good practice is to make this an item to check to ensure there are no exposed wires in the cord.  Another good practice it to remove the plug by pulling on the head of the plug instead of yanking or tugging.  If you have children in the home, teach them the correct way too.  Everything we do is a habit, practice good habits and Be Safe.